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Forest Inventory and Valuation (Timber Cruising)

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do people keep asking you about buying your forestland?
  • Are people offering you large sums of money?
  • Are you sure that you are getting the best return on your investment?
  • Confused?...let us help

Your natural resource is a valuable commodity and your land is your lifeblood.

Use our professional experience when you need to sell forestland or wood fibre. We will conduct a thorough, unbiased, assessment of your forestland and provide you with values and volume estimates (based on market conditions at the time). We also can find a buyer for your forestland. We have clients looking to invest in our resource.

How much should you expect to pay for this service?

The sort answer is "that depends". Factors such as access, location, season, prism BAF, point and line spacing (distance), grid versus clusters, amount of data to be collected, size of project, and time frame all contribute to the cost.

However, based on previous inventories, $25 to $40 per sampling point tends to be the norm.

If you just gulped, think about this for a moment. We have completed inventories where we have done thousands of points within this price range.

The cost becomes a small price to pay to get quality inforamtion to help you in your decision making. Take for instance the photo on the left. It is a single black cherry tree of veneer quality. It is worth in excess of $4000. Just one tree.

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